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What it is:
Sciatica is pain that travels along the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve, which is the largest in the human body, starts in the low back and runs down the hip, buttock, thigh, knee, calf and into the feet.

Sciatica pain occurs when the nerves, usually in the lower back, are compressed. This compression, referred to as sciatica, can be caused by a number of low back conditions, including herniated discs, subluxations, degenerating discs or stenosis.


Where it occurs:

Sciatica is a condition of the low back (lumbar spine).


The Symptoms:

Patients with sciatica pain may experience symptoms including:



What are my treatment options?

Sciatica treatment options include chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation and DRS treatment. Talk to your doctor about the best sciatica treatment for you.

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