Friday, January 31, 2014

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Our Chicago Dentists are professional and highly skilled

Chicago Dentists
Professional Chicago dentists are necessary for routine dental examinations at least twice a year to find problems in your oral cavity including tooth decay. The knowledgeable dentists at Westend Dental in Chicago know how to create an assortment of fillings made of color matching materials to ensure your teeth have a natural appearance. We encourage our patients to care for their teeth by brushing and flossing each day to prevent dental health issues. However, despite adequate daily oral hygiene, many patients require specialized services from our professional dental team including tooth extractions before receiving dental implants. Dental implant restoration is quickly becoming an easier and more affordable option for having a permanent smile and sturdy bite.

Removable Dental Appliances

Our Chicago dentists are experts in helping to create removable dental appliances such as bridges and dentures that replace gaps due to missing teeth. Both of these well-known restorative dental procedures are still popular choices for patients with one or more teeth missing due to accidents, disease or decay. We can help to make a variety of bridges that attach to nearby teeth to restore a beautiful smile while allowing you to eat a normal diet. Alternatively, we are able to custom-make full or partial dentures that fit in a patient’s mouth with a plastic device. If you have dentures that feel uncomfortable or click while talking, visit us for a readjustment or repair.

Root Canal Therapy

If a patient requires extensive services including root canal therapy, oral surgical treatment or attachment of crowns, they should visit Westend Dental in Chicago. We have Chicago dentists with experience in complex conditions that frequently cause patients pain in their oral cavities. Patients experiencing pain and swelling in the jaw may require wisdom tooth extraction quickly to prevent other teeth from shifting in the mouth. Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure for teenagers and young adults. Our dental staff also knows how to treat dangerous root canal infections to avoid loss of teeth. We can design realistic dental crown restorations to place on a tooth to replace damaged enamel.

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