Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Taking the Pressure Off of Learning to Be Flexible

Men's Corner

Learning Why Flexibility in Men is So Important

When most men think about flexibility, they instantly think about their spouses or some sort of circus act. While this is obviously a negative way to interpret this subject, it is a proven fact. Rarely will a man consider his own flexibility, when in fact it is something everyone should be concerned with. Stretching is a key part of establishing good flexibility.

Stretching is proven to help improve circulation through the entire body. This helps speed up recovery to the body from strain or injury. It also increases blood flow to your muscles. This increases the amount of nourishment that the muscle receives and increases the amount of impurities that are removed from the body.

Stretching and good flexibility can also decrease the amount of lower back and neck pain that most men suffer from. When our muscles tighten they become strained, they put these parts of our body into tension or various periods of pain and discomfort. Stretching will help increase the mobility of these regions, and the increased oxygen within our muscles and blood will help prevent them from becoming over worked and strained.

It can also help with your coordination. This can help improve our athletic prowess as well as our self esteem due to this increased performance. This also helps to eliminate the risk of falls or injury when we do fall. It also increases our cardiovascular health, which directly improves our health and performance. All of these factors can be easily witnessed through dozens of applications throughout of daily routines. 

Stay Healthy!

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