Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The importance on drinking water for overall body health

Water. It seems like there is a million products that have tried, but it can not be replaced. It's the purest, oldest element the human body has ever used for replenishment. Really though, how important is it to drink water? Let me tell you.

How much of it is in my body?

Let's start with the brain, it might have a little water, right? Wrong. It is almost 75% water. Your heart? nearly 80%. Starting to get the idea? I'll keep going and keep surprising you. Your skin is compiled of about 72% water.  Your blood is the highest at 83%, muscles holding about 76%  followed up by your bones that are only 22% water. Surprised? I was! Water is clearly a major part of your genetic make-up. 

How often do I need it? 

You can literally survive weeks without food. It won't be fun, but hey your still kickin. Water, however, mayyyybbee 7 days. Most people give up on that dream house around 5 days. Game over. Just 5 days. Not to mention after about 3 days you will probably want to pull the trigger yourself due to the side effects of dehydration.

How much do I get rid of in a day? 

Your body sweats, urinates, and breathes out about 3 quarts of water per day! Almost all processes in the human body require water, so at the rate we lose it and use it, we need to dedicate time to replenish our body. 

Water actually protects your body.

A well hydrated body helps prevent other issues! Water actually helps keep dirt and grime out of our eyes. It lubricates our joints and prevents stiffness and aches. It helps keep our mouth, tongue and lips moist. It also helps your body break down and digest foods.

Okay I'm done writing! Hopefully this helps you understand why your parents always pushed water on you! Grab a glass! 

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