Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Need a Florida Orthodontic Specialist?

Get a Complimentary Consultation

Seeing a Florida orthodontic specialist for a complimentary consultation is easy by calling Dr. Ana Benedetti’s office in Fort Lauderdale. She has extensive knowledge of assisting patients to improve their appearance with devices such as removable aligners and metal braces. A Fort Lauderdale orthodontist is an excellent health care provider to visit for a clicking sound in the jaw joint that causes pain while talking or chewing. Discomfort in the jaw often indicates having poorly spaced or crooked teeth. Many individuals develop temporomandibular joint disorder that worsens over time without professional treatment from a dentist with knowledge of this condition. Benedetti Orthodontics has diagnostic equipment to determine if a patient has temporomandibular joint disorder.

Visit a Florida Orthodontic Specialist

If you have always wanted to have an examination by a Fort Lauderdale orthodontist but work during the day, then calling Benedetti Orthodontics for an appointment is a great plan. This dental office offers appointments on Saturdays making it easy to begin wearing braces to straighten your poorly spaced teeth. While most people only think about how important it is to have a beautiful smile, properly aligned teeth provide other benefits. Individuals with crooked teeth often have problems consuming a healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruits. Misaligned teeth may cause pain that leads to bruxism or teeth grinding at night causing destruction of your teeth’s dental enamel.

Wear Removable Plastic Aligners

Benedetti Orthodontics offers solutions for dental problems such as wearing braces to realign teeth. Dr. Ana Benedetti cares for patients of different age groups including children and adults. Today, it is easy for dental care teams to create devices such as braces that get rid of gaps between a patient’s teeth. Modern technology allows a Florida orthodontic specialist to make dental devices that rapidly move teeth to correct positions in the mouth. In many cases, a Fort Lauderdale orthodontist is able to make clear plastic aligners that shift teeth in less than one year. Plastic aligners are especially popular for adults because the devices are removable for special occasions such as photographs.

Florida Orthodontic Specialist Benedetti Orthodontics

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