Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What to Expect from Your Fort Lauderdale Orthodontist

When visiting Benedetti Orthodontics, you can expect to receive a free consultation to determine which treatments are right for you. From clear Invisalign braces to whitening techniques, Benedetti Orthodontics offers a wide range of treatments that will fit your personal needs. You can even book your first consultation online for your convenience and print out the necessary patient forms to have them ready before your appointment. Time is valuable, and Florida orthodontics professionals can allow you to make the most of yours by offering you the latest technology in dental care.

Latest Fort Lauderdale Orthodontist Technology

Benedetti Orthodontics offers patients the latest technology available for Florida orthodontics offices. The use of digital imprints, for example, is one service that can make your visit more comfortable. Digital imprints allow the staff to make a mold of your mouth and teeth without using the traditional, uncomfortable, putty and tray system that is often used when being fitted for a bridge or implant. The office also offers patients tools that can help reduce the amount of time that braces are worn.

Florida orthodontics offices can now offer you the chance to use Acceledent, a tool that is used to make braces more effective in as little as half the time that traditional braces take to achieve the desired results. When you have access to the latest dental advancements, you can be sure that your treatment will be less invasive and more comfortable.

Patient Rewards

Parenting is tough, but at Benedetti you can make dental care easier when you participate in the Benedetti Bucks rewards program. Kids can earn points from this Fort Lauderdale orthodontist by brushing regularly, flossing and wearing their dental devices as instructed by the orthodontist. If you have been searching for a Fort Lauderdale orthodontist that takes the frustration out of dental care, Benedetti may be the best option for your family. Kids can choose from a wide variety of rewards, including games and gift cards.

A family style Fort Lauderdale orthodontist is a simple solution to getting kids motivated to brush regularly and wear their devices properly. You can make an appointment any time by either calling the offices directly or using the online form.

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