Monday, March 10, 2014

Seattle Hair Transplant Options

Eliminate Bald Spots

Many individuals experiencing hair loss due to illness or heredity want to find a way to eliminate bald spots on the scalp quickly. Getting a Seattle hairtransplant is easy when you find an expert who knows how to perform the correct medical procedure. In the past, people tried replacing lost strands of hair on the head by using vitamins, medications or massaging techniques. Unfortunately, these expensive and time-consuming methods do not work.

Schedule an Appointment

If you want a Seattle hair transplant, then scheduling an appointment with an expert with an understanding of new procedures is necessary. The majority of individuals having a hair transplantation process are males over the age of 40 who have male-pattern baldness. Approximately 70 percent of men develop loss of hair on the top or front of the scalp due to androgenic alopecia. More women are also experiencing hair loss for various reasons such as changes in hormones, mental stress and poor diets.

Get an Evaluation

A Seattle hair transplant is primarily for replacing lost strands on the scalp to achieve a younger appearance for a man or woman. However, transplantation of hair follicles is possible for other parts of the body including beards, eyebrows and eyelashes. Anyone interested in follicular hair transplantation must have an evaluation by a professional to determine the best method for success. An expert can use either a follicular unit extraction or strip harvesting method to assist with new hair growth on the head or other areas of the body.

Grow New Hair

Seattle Hair Transplant
To have a successful Seattle hair transplant, you must have healthy hair follicles in small groups located on a donor site of the body. Strip harvesting involves having a small section of skin with hair follicles removed from one area of the scalp and stitched on a new area. Alternatively, you might require a follicular unit extraction with a sharp punching device to remove and replace a few hairs at a time. Within a few weeks, the incisions from these treatments heal while hair grows covering bald spots on a person’s scalp.

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