Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Chiropractic Care Blog

Here a few really good sources of chiropractic information worth checking out

chiropractor informationI have stumbled upon a really good chiropractic blog while browsing the internet. Check this blog out if you want to get a heads up about the things you need to consider before hiring a chiropractor. Be sure to check out this St. Louis chiropractors blog for their information concerning everything from bed and pillow selection to what kind of nutrition requirements will help keep you out of the doctors office this summer.

More chiropractic information

"...2. Time for spring training. This is not a choice! There is no pill, shot, or magic bullet that can replace a little sweat equity. If you don’t like it then you can blame your ancestors who were forced to perform daily physical activities just to ensure their survival. Exercise is a supplement to your already active life and it is not used as a treatment for being out of shape or sick.
Action: Exercise daily for 30+ minutes.

- Action step number two from the most recent posting on Franson Chiropractic's Blog.

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