Friday, April 26, 2013

Top 6 ways to choose a Chiropractor

Chiropractic care and information
Looking for a Chiropractor? - Make sure your asking the right questions. 

We have all been there. Sitting up, standing up, moving around, and your in pain. Time for a visit to Mr. Chiro.

But how do you know your getting the best? Are the techniques outdated? Are you being overcharged? Has your chiropractor ever been convicted of a violent crime? There is a lot of questions to ask, but which questions will ensure you will get the right pair of hands for your back?  I found an article that had some very good information,and it made me think.....what would I want to know!?

Understand the differences between all chiropractic methods and decide which one will be best suited to your needs.

Some doctors only use their hands and very small instruments. Some doctors will use tables, electrical shock, medicines and creams. Read up on all of the different methods used in today's clinics, and try to decide which one you will be most comfortable with. Sometimes, you will need the advice of a professional to help you understand why you may need one technique over another. It always helps to go in with a little bit of knowledge! 

Ask prospective chiropractors how many visits and over how long a period it should take before you will begin feeling better.

The answer should sound something like "You should see some results in the first few visits, but most likely 1-4 weeks".  However, sometimes back issues take years to be resolved or to finally find a way to just bare with the pain. Sometimes surgery can even be needed. Your chiropractor should be able to tell if you have something outside of his expertise. 

Investigate the educational background of potential chiropractors.

Do I really need to elaborate on this one! Make sure its a real doctor!! 

Inquire about the chiropractic clinics' payment plan. 

A trip to your local Chiropractor can be very very expensive. Especially over time when multiple treatments are needed. Make sure that if your going to need payment options, they are available. You should be able to work something out in monthly payments, or agree to a date of when it will be paid off. If the doctor isn't willing to work with you, don't work with him! 

Poll opinions to find out which chiropractors are recommended

Facebook, Yelp!, Friends and Family are all great resources to find a chiropractor to check out. It is very easy to find out just about anything on the Internet, so use that power! Search for reviews, check out the website, a free background check, anything you want to be more comfortable. Reviews can be a huge preventative measure in ensuring you don't end up in a bad situation! 

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