Monday, April 29, 2013

Running for Fun!!!

Running Tips for the Less Motivated yet Determined Runner

Who are we kidding? Running is not typically that much fun and many people who participate in it dread it when it comes time to hit the blacktop. But we do it anyways and we try to be consistent. But sometimes, we may need a little motivation to get those Nike's on and warmed up. Women's Health has recently published the 101 Greatest Running Tips that all runners, both women and men, can get behind. Whether it is tip number 24 -
  • "Brainstorm your training goals first, then write them down. Do this in pencil, so you can change some specifics when reality sets in." -Jeff Galloway, Olympic runner/author/coach
Or tip number 62 -
  • "If you have a bad workout or run a bad race, allow yourself exactly 1 hour to stew about it-then move on." -Steve Scott, coach and U.S. record holder in the mile
you cannot go wrong by warming up with good advice. Give this a read. It may just be the kick in the butt you need to get running!!!

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